One of the highlights of my trip to Paris in December of 2013 was a visit to the Catacombs with my friend Des, author of the extraordinary Soundlandscapes blog. I was happy to share with him what I’d learned about the Catacombs’ history, and even happier to give credit to Gilles Thomas, who arguably knows more about Paris’ underground than anyone.
So imagine my surprise a day or two later, when I got an email from Mr. Thomas! (To put it in perspective: It would be like being an evolutionary biologist and getting an email from Charles Darwin.) After months of exchanging emails with Gilles I finally had the pleasure of meeting him in Paris last week for a couple of underground adventures. Here’s an account of the first, which, fittingly, took place on November 11.

“Excuse me,” I said in French, “but could you please pull over?”…

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